RIOT Release Radar: #088

a Ri-ku:
sanction time baby
it’s all duma and gloom-a
for abramovich

Superorganism // Teenager feat. CHAI & Pi Ja Ma
Four years after their self-titled debut album blew everybody’s mind, the multi-disciplinary and multi-national troupe are back – with CHAI and Pi Ja Ma no less! ‘Teenager’ is vintage Superorganism, with playful pop melodies adorning chaotic electronica. And, as always, the visuals are on point.

Horsegirl // Anti-Glory
Horsegirl are effortlessly and timelessly cool. the band have announced debut album Versions of Modern Performance with ‘Anti-Glory’, which fuses their grunge with a touch of Siouxsie Sioux-esque proto-punk.

Tanna Leone // With The Villains
Tanna Leone follows Baby Keem to be the second artist released through Kendrick Lamar & Dave Free’s pgLAng label – a pretty hefty hit rate for your first two artists. “As
an artist I want to represent disrupting the status quo,” Tanna says –  trust us, he’s gunna blow up.

Charlie Hickey // Nervous At Night
Hickey is releasing tunes through Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label, hence that golden Phoebe-esque touch of sad-and-shiny pop loveliness. Charlie’s debut album – also called Nervous At Night – will reach our earholes on May 20th.

Malady // Round The Bend
You’ll have a hard job to find a music fan in the capital who isn’t excited about Malady. Lo-fi post-punk and garage conspire to keep Malady’s hype well and truly alive on ‘Round the Bend’.

Charlie Collins // Backseat Valentine
Bursting with early-2000s rock chick energy, whilst remaining tantalisingly modern. Sydney’s Charlie Collins is about to join Gang of Youths on their UK tour, so something tells us that she won’t be a well-kept secret for much longer.

Sunnbrella // Fever Dream
Sunnbrella (AKA David Zbirka) fuses euphoric noughties pop loops with lofty shoegaze on ‘Fever Dream’. In the words of Mr.Zbirka: “‘Fever Dream’ is about feeling yourself for the first time in a long time. It’s about embracing the night at a club or a party instead of standing in the corner on your phone.” Amen to that xx.


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