RIOT Release Radar: #089

a Ri-ku:
the stones shall return
four hundred and fifty quid
“wealth and taste” indeed

The Smile // Skrting On The Surface
The Radiohead/Sons of Kemet supergroup have only leaked a handful of tracks since they debuted at Glastonbury’s Live at Worthy Farm last year. The wait for a full tour (which will, in fact, take place this spring) has done nothing to wane appetites, however, and with songs as creepingly perfect as ‘Skrting On The Surface’, it’s easy to see why.

Uffie // where does the party go? 
First conceived in a beach house outside of Lisbon, ‘where does the party go?’ is produced by Toro y Moi and Lokøy – what a dream squad. Uffie has been releasing bangers for over a decade, and still sounds fresher than anybody else in the game.

Body Type // Buoyancy
Body Type’s song ‘264’ has never left our rotation since its 2016 release. With its choppy, duelling guitars and chaotic intensity, ‘Buoyancy’ showcases the opposite side of the Aussie band’s range – and it fucking slaps.

Fake Turins // Parcel Duchamp
In true Turins style, ‘Parcel Duchamp’ sees Dominic West’s suave vocals swimming in a sea of sound from his 10 (maybe 9? or 11? dunno tbh) bandmates. We are off to watch the Tottenham warehouse collective this evening in North London’s Electrowerkz – and we strongly suggest you do the same.

Anna Prior // Easier Alone
As if her role as drummer/backing vocalist in Metronomy isn’t iconic enough, Anna Prior keeps dropping world-beating electropop, via her very own Beat Palace Records.

Thank // Dread
OK, we are late to this one, but what better curveball to add to this week’s pop-heavy radar than Thank?? A bit of Squid‘s unhinged delivery, a bit of Sleaford Mods‘ lyrical realism and a bit of JOHN‘s heavy soundbed. We love it.

Alice Low // Rim Job
A friend for your ears and a fiend for your search history: ‘Rim Job’ is effectively two tracks stuck end to end – and we love both. The single starts out with a little of that 80s-soaked, Sean Nicholas Savage pop flavour, before gets real.

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