RIOT Release Radar: #091

A Ri-ku:
remember summer
(those two sunny days last week)?
memories for life.

Sports Team // R Entertainment
Sports Team became 2020’s most talked-about indie breakthroughs after their barnstorming debut album Deep Down Happy gave Gaga a run for her money in the charts and picked up a Mercury Prize nomination. Colour us excited to see where album two takes us. Gulp! arrives in July.

spill tab // Sunburn
‘Sunburn’ sees spill tab teaming up with Solomonphonic (Remi Wolf, Wallows) for a short, sharp pop banger fraught with glitchy energy. Surely one of the artists not to be missed at this year’s Great Escape in Brighton.

English Teacher // Mental Maths
“I prefer to go shopping in the evening. I would recommend it, but then what would be the point?”. Debut EP Polyawkward is scheduled for next month, just in time to do absolute bits at this summer’s festivals.

Noon Garden // Beulah Spa
Flamingods’ Charles Prest has dropped his debut solo album as Noon Garden, and what better introduction than this titular track. ‘Beulah Spa’ is an irresistible little parcel of sunny psych pop.

MILLY // Illuminate
Bringing to mind Smashing Pumpkins and Sunny Day Real Estate, MILLY have arrived to give scuzzy guitar rock a kick up the ass. With a fanbase that includes Modest Mouse & Grandaddy, it’s v hard to argue with their alt-rock credentials.

Vintage Crop // Double Slants
Surf-Rock, US Garage-Rock and British Punk conspire to make a rather tasty triple layered genre sandwich. ‘Double Slants’ is gunna be seeing some heavy rotation on our speakers as we head into summer.

DC Gore // Nietsche On The Beach (The KVB Remix)
A hellovalot to unpack in this new remix of DC’s phenomenally titled banger. Euphoric rave is adorned with pop witticisms in this instantly likeable release from the fledging Domino artist.

photo credit: Lauren Maccabee

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