RIOT Release Radar: #094

a RI-ku:
the party’s over.
america have wised up 
corden’s our problem

Arcade Fire // Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)
If, like us, your invite for Arcade Fire’s tiny Koko show this weekend got lost in the post, ‘Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)’ is the perfect soundtrack for some wallowing. AF’s new album WE is out next week.. so that’s something to look forward to.

Been Stellar // Kids 1995
Big coming-of-age energy from So Young Records’ newest signing. ‘Kids 1995’ is brimming with scuzzy NYC texture, combined with a sweet sprinkle of melancholy. We’re buzzing to catch Been Stellar when they tour the UK in May.

Sean Nicholas Savage // Shine
Sean stays consistent to his winning formula of nostalgia-drenched melodies that melt in your hands. ‘Shine’ is the title track from SNS’s new album, so keep an ear out as the campaign progresses.

Spang Sisters // Totally Feeling
Perfect as always from the Sisters of Spang. Sexy candlelit dinner bangers are back in, with Jules & Rachid leading the charge.

For Breakfast // Orfordness Lighthouse
We’re not sure where Orfordness is, but it sounds ominous. For Breakfast are a 7-piece who spin explorative post-rock anthems, pulling their songs into a thousand directions at once and creating a sound that is nothing short of otherwordly.. if that’s a word.

Bad Waitress // Spit It Out
Now for something completely different. Kick a table over, throw your cup of tea at the postman and lose your head to this brilliant new tune from Toronto punks Bad Waitress.

Don’t let the red herring in the name or the blond hair fool you, KANADA THE LOOP is repping the indigenous Aussie community with a talent for pooling oddball energy into a sound that is brimming with serotonin.

photo credit: Naz Kawakami

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