RIOT Release Radar: #095

A RI-ku:
ticket ‘surge’ prices
fans being rinsed once again
fuck ticketmaster

Jamie.T // The Old Style Raiders
The king is back. ‘The Old Style Raiders’ is vintage Jamie.T: knotty toe-tapping verses which leave no space for an inhale followed by a larger-than-life indie banger of a chorus, it’s as if he never left.

Tirzah // Ribs
Tirzah has been one of the coolest around for years now, and ‘Ribs’ shows the artist at her best. Understated vocals over a bed of synth chords and harmonies make this tune a must-add to your chill playlists.

Porridge Radio // End Of Last Year
Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky is shaping up to be quite the album, isn’t it? ‘End Of Last Year’ is an ode to platonic love, with a video created by Maura Sappilo.

Wu-Lu // Blame / Ten
Announcing your debut album with a double single is rather ballsy behaviour, but that’s exactly why the world is so excited about Wu-Lu. Cross-pollenating a hip-hop delivery with a punk aura with a poise that is often attempted but rarely accomplished, ‘Blame / Ten’ is getting us very fucking hyped for Wu-Lu’s show at The Great Escape next week.

Wings of Desire // A Million Other Suns
the dreamy reincarnation of INHEAVEN (rip) continue their streak of instantly likeable releases with ‘A Million Other Suns’. Sink into those long, lofty synth chords and bask in the sunshine.

Saloon Dion // Pressure
Even if, like us, Saloon Dion’s punny name had completely escaped your notice, we can guarantee that the gargantuan thump of this 2-minute banger will not have gone undetected.

photo credit: Matilda Hill Jenkins

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