RIOT Release Radar: #096

A RI-ku:
primavera went
and water hit a shortage
glasto rains supreme

Dry Cleaning // Don’t Press Me
Dry Cleaning’s debut album New Long Leg was one of 2021’s great revelations and stood as an outlier in a genre which has come to define the UK in recent years. ‘Don’t Press Me’ is a flawless step forward, with Florence Shaw’s delicate chorus vocal bringing a new shade to their sound.

TV Priest // It Was A Gift
With new LP My Other People, TV Priest conjure pounding punk with a touch of tenderness that elevates their sound above many peers in the scene. Release day focus single ‘It Was A Gift’ is absolutely fantastic, obviously. (click here to read our conversation with TV Priest from back in the day).

Whitney // REAL LOVE
Whitney are back at it; bringing the sunshine out with their unmistakably buttery-smooth vocals and breezy psych-pop. These guys have been killing it for a while now, and new album SPARK will see Julien Ehlrich and Max Kakacek moving onto the next step with irresistible bops in tow.

Enumclaw // Jimmy Neutron
Enumclaw breathe fresh life into jangled 90s slacker-rock and to say we love it would be an understatement. The Washington band are supporting Toro Y Moi soon, in what could be the most enjoyable evening that mankind has witnessed. Debut album Save The Baby arrives in October.

0171 // Welcome Back To My Channel
We caught 0171’s first show recently and it was a sight to behold. The duo combine buoyant electronica with pop melodies that slap beyond belief, packing a punch that would be at home on any stage. Welcome Back To My Channel is the title track from their new EP, which dropped this week.

Preoccupations // Richochet
Calgary’s Preoccupations are returning this year with their fourth album, Arrangements, and they are still at their understated, moody best. Delve into their catalogue for hours of listening pleasure, you won’t be disappointed.

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