RIOT Release Radar: #105

a RI-ku:
guns n roses, then. 
self-confirmed for glastonbury
in the cold june rain

Sleaford Mods // UK Grim
“In England, nobody can hear you scream”. The Nottingham duo capture the mood of a nation as they return with the title track from their forthcoming album UK Grim. Love em or hate em, the UK’s music scene is richer for the presence of Sleaford Mods.

Jadu Heart // Blame
Our favourite dream-folk couple Diva Jeffrey and Alex Headford drop their third album this week, and we cannae recommend it enough. Derealised perfectly showcases Jadu Heart’s talent for fusing mesmerising shoegaze with luscious indie-rock licks.

Caroline Rose // Miami
Caroline has always had a knack for wrapping tight narratives and wry observations around irresistible pop melodies, and ‘Miami’ sees the New York songwriter at her best. New album The Art Of Forgetting is out 24th March.

Mandy, Indiana // Injury Detail
Mandy, Indiana left us pining for a whole year following 2021’s outstanding ‘…’ EP. ‘Injury Detail’ is a return of real intent from the Manchester quartet: direct, urgent and intense.

The Goa Express // Portrait
A sold-out Lexington show. Two live performances on Netflix’s #1 film. A deal penned with Communion Music. What a week it’s been for The Goa Express, topped off with the release of this high-energy scorcher.

Robbie & Mona // Sensation
Pooling the cold, industrial snaps of 80s pop production with their own brand of timeless songwriting, ‘Sensation’ is the perfect entrée to Robbie & Mona’s forthcoming album Tusky – out 10th March.

Malady // Pressure Builds
Malady return with the thumping new cut ‘Pressure Builds’. Blast the volume from the 00:26 mark and get hyped for a 2023 that will see Malady go from strength to strength.


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