RIOT Release Radar: #107

Wednesday // Bath County
A self-directed video which pays homage to PJ Harvey’s ‘Man-Size’ tells the story of a car park overdose and a trip to Dollywood. North Carolina’s Wednesday are garnering a reputation as one of USA’s great guitar hopes.

Master Peace // Groundhog Day
Who wouldn’t want to check out a Master Peace show after seeing this? New EP Peace of Mind is out today and well worth 12mins of your time.

Do Nothing // Happy Feet
Continuing their steady rise to glory, Do Nothing have returned with ‘Happy Feet’. The Nottingham band never fail in pairing wonky guitarwork with vocal flourishes that cut straight to the soul.

Sir Chloe // Hooves
Teaming up with mercurial producer John Congleton for forthcoming debut album I Am The Dog, Sir Chloe announces the project with the electrifying ‘Hooves’.


Me, Charles // White Pearl
‘White Pearl’ sees Me, Charles penning the most beautiful ballad about baldness that you are going to hear this week. Bristol label Spinny Nights rarely back duds and it looks like they’re onto another winner here.

Miss Tiny // The Sound
We’re losing count of how many musical pies Dan Carey and Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft have their respective fingers in now, but make room for one more. Released via Speedy Wunderground, Miss Tiny will take the creeping claustrophobia of ‘The Sound’ to SXSW in the coming weeks.


Model/Actriz // Pure Mode
Cold, industrial dance-punk coalesces with a brooding vocal intensity as New York band Model/Actriz burst onto our radar with today’s release of debut album Dogsbody.

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