RIOT Release Radar: #110

Connie Constance // Kamikaze fest. Jason Williamson
Connie Constance and the Sleaford Mods frontman combine their prolific forces on this reworking of a track from Connie’s Miss Power album. Few other names could match the Watford artist’s guttural punk delivery on ‘Kamikaze’.

Georgia // It’s Euphoric
Georgia is back and sounding better than ever. 2020’s Seeking Thrills proved beyond doubt that the drummer-cum-singer has what it takes to create timeless pop classics and here’s to hoping ‘It’s Euphoric’ will be gracing a few festival stages this summer.

Paris Texas // PANIC!!!
Paris Texas have turned hip-hop on its head and seasoned the genre with pinches of industrial electronica & punk. With their debut album only announced this week, Paris Texas are already cocooned in mythology and the world is waiting to see what Louie Pastel and Felix drop next.

Glows feat. Asha Lorenz // Wake Up To The World (Ghost Print/Kill Mix)
London audio-visual duo Glows enlist Sorry vocalist Asha Lorenz for this extended mix: the final hoorah to their debut LA, 1620 mixtape. ‘WUTTW’ is a sonic scrapbook of archived voice notes and audio samples which Glows have collated in recent years.

Stella Rose // Faithful
Daughter of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, Stella Rose’ soft spot for gothic imagery may be inherited, but the beguiling burst of confrontational energy exhibited on ‘Faithful’ is entirely her own.

Nabihah Iqbal // Sunflower
Nabihah Iqbal has announced her upcoming album, Dreamer, with the euphoric ‘Sunflower’. It’s been six years since Nabihah’s debut LP, as her 2020 follow-up was lost when her studio was burgled and the tracks never saw the light of day.

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