RIOT Release Radar: #40

*ICYMI*  Purveyor of dreamy bedroom pop, Ariel Pink, has been cancelled due to his attendance at a Trump rally.

opinion 1: No artist (//person) should be hounded by an angry mob on the grounds of their political beliefs, especially not to the point of death threats.

opinion 2: No artist (///person) should be supporting Trump, nor joining his angry racist mob.

opinion 3: How surreal is it that – in some bizarre show of solidarity – many members of the alt-right are now pretending that they are Ariel Pink fans; frantically adding his back catalogue of lo-fi, layered vocals to their playlists of Garth Brooks and Florida Georgia Line.

Conclusion: Cancel culture is bad. Racism is bad. Angry mobs are bad. Florida Georgia Line are bad.

Home Counties // Modern Yuppies
Home Counties were the last band that we managed to catch at a gig (apparently there’s a virus going around?). And their live cover of Britney Spears would be the highpoint of anyones setlist. ‘Modern Yuppies’ is the first of two self-produced tracks to look forward to from the Bristol boys.

Friedberg // Lizzy
With their debut EP arriving in March, South London’s Friedberg have dropped the synth-laden ‘Lizzy’. “Lizzy is a trip that I experienced at a night out in South London before Lockdown,” singer Anna explains. ‘Where I found myself in the TS Eliot Poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock… And yes, Michelangelo was there too.”

Black Country, New Road // Track X
One of the UK’s most interesting bands have switched their theatrical exasperation for something more mellow on ‘Track X’. BCNR’s debut album is due next month and could be an early favourite for the Mercury Prize.. you heard it here first.

maphe // insecure
Somerset born, London based maphe makes lo-fi pop tracks that are greater than the sum of their parts. Check out 2020’s ‘fire’ and watch maphe go from strength to strength over the coming year.

William the Conqueror // Quiet Life
Folk-rock trio William the Conqueror have announced forthcoming album Maverick Thinker alongside this introspective number. Frontman Ruarri Joseph has recorded a podcast to accompany the campaign, which adds a world of artistic context.

Sister Psychosis // Beside Myself
Released via Alan McGee’s Creation 23 label, ‘Beside Myself’ is the debut single fro Canada’s Sister Psychosis. Both the track and its video is drenched in 90s powerhouse pop nostalgia.

The Haunted Youth // Teen Rebel
Belgium’s mysterious The Haunted Youth have dropped their first track and it’s close to perfect. Fusing a bit of MGMT synth with punk fuzz, we are excited to hear what comes next.

featured image: Home Counties by Naz Stone

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