RIOT’s Release Radar #001

Today will live long in the memory of the British public for two reasons. Firstly; Nigel Farage has celebrated Brexit by unveiling a portrait of himself in a ceremony which included a speech from Jim Davidson, taking place at the fabulously British-sounding L’Escargot Restaurant in Soho. The portrait is entitled Mr.Brexit… Which we assume is an homage to Miss Universe, except instead of a swimsuit contest, you can watch racist rich people sucking each other off to the Top Gear theme tune.

The second, and arguably more newsworthy, headline this week is the inception of RIOT’s Release Radar, where we round up this week’s top new tracks, starting with the killer trio of Gorillaz, Slowthai and Slaves.

Gorillaz Ft. Slowthai & Slaves – Momentary Bliss

Damon Albarn captures the mood of the moment with a Ska-tinged, punk release which is a world away from Gorillaz groove-led LP The Now Now. The first of many spontaneous ‘episodes’, the cartoon band are looking at releasing this year sees them team up with Slowthai and Slaves. MG

Jadu Heart – Another Life

Mere months after the release of Jadu’s irresistible debut Melt Away, they are back on the campaign with a typically dreamy and weightless track. layered synths working in juxtaposition with storming guitar riffs illustrate exactly why the world needs more Jadu. MG

Chastity Belt – The Process

Washington 4-piece Chastity Belt have returned with their patented brand of cathartic Indie with touches of Shoegaze. Here’s to hoping we see them at a European Festival this summer. MG

Declan McKenna – Beautiful Faces

Declan is back with a new track and news of an album! Beautiful Faces is a hooky offering about “young people in the modern world and how intimidating it can be.” MG

Odd Morris – Cold Water

Hitting the ground running for 2020, our ones to watch pick Odd Morris have dropped their brooding new track ‘Cold Water’. A track all about learning to let one’s guard down and embracing the uncertainty in a relationship. PG

Dua Lipa – Physical

Dropping more details for her upcoming album, Future Nostalgia, including track listing and cover – Dua also gifted us with her latest pop banger ‘Physical’. PG

Little Dragon – Hold On

Announcing their latest album, New Me, Same Us, on Tuesday, Little Dragon accompanied the announcement with ‘Hold On’. The slick house track with a pumping baseline is the perfect kickoff for an album campaign PG

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