RIOT’s Release Radar #005

As storms once again ravaged our coasts, Corona Virus sent the world into seemingly into meltdown and good ol’ Bo-Jo announced an emergency meeting for Monday (after all, you can’t let a pandemic spoil your weekend plans), The Hunna decided to inexplicably let us know they probably have prisoners in their basement. Announcing their second album I’d Rather Die Than Let You Out, the band quickly realised they’d maybe let too much slip and revised the name. How about we give you that gold record and we let the hostages go?

Anyway, while you hunker down from the elements, self-isolating yourself after your trip to Northern Italy, why not sit back, relax and enjoy our Release Radar?

Car Seat Headrest // Can’t Cool Me Down

Will Toledo is the DIY king that we deserve, with an angsty, punk sound that documents insecurities of all shapes. Car Seat Headrest are becoming an iconic cult act, meaning a hell of a lot to those in the know and the first track of the new campaign, ‘Can’t Cool Me Down’, is a more synthy sign of things to come. MG

Christine & The Queens // Je Disparais Dans Tes Bra

Taking to Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on Thursday, Christine surprised us not only premiered ‘Je disparais dans tes bras’, but dropped a whole EP! The synth-driven track once again sees Christine tackle the period between recording and releasing her second album, Chris. Accompanying the EP is also a 13-minute cinematic masterpiece, which sees Christine battle and defeat a demon before sucking Caroline Polacheck’s blood (spoilers!). You can watch the whole thing below. PG

Phoebe Bridgers // Garden Song

Having spent the past two years working with Conor Oberst on Better Oblivion Community Center, and Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker on boygenius, this week finally saw the return of Phoebe Bridgers’ solo material. Dropping the hauntingly stunning ‘Garden Song’, Bridgers has once again given us hope that we could, maybe, be getting another album soon. PG

Do Nothing // Fits

Nottingham Newbies Do Nothing continue their run of form with another banger. ‘Fits’ see frontman Chris Bailey’s wry delivery coupled with a more driving, indie-rock guitar bed than previous releases. With an EP announcement accompanying the track’s release, Do Nothing’s steady ascent shows no sign of waning. MG

The Orielles // 7th Dynamic Goo

One of the moment’s most criminally under-appreciated bands have dropped their sophomore album this week, Disco Volador, and it’s full of future-disco bangers. The Orielles are on a few festi rosters this year, and we guarantee their sets are worth a visit. MG

Orlando Weeks // Safe In Sound

The Former Maccabee is back with his first solo release since 2017’s The Gritterman campaign. Safe In Sound has is expansive and frantic, with hints of Thom Yorke. The new father has told press that an album is in the works, so let’s get excited. MG

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