RIOT’s Release Radar #006

It’s International Woman’s Day on Sunday; a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women… as well as reminding bellends on Twitter that International Men’s Day does exist, and there’s a reason that nobody cares about it.

Get cosy in your self-isolation chamber, slap on some hand sanitiser and tuck into this week’s RIOT Release Radar.

Hinds // Come Back and Love Me <3

Consistent as ever, Madrid’s Hinds have span traditional Spanish music on it’s head to create this distorted and desperate love song. In a world aching for female representation, these should be climbing up rosters at an electric pace. MG

Happyness // Seeing Eye Dog 

One of the UK’s most underrated bands, Happyness, are back with a new album in May, with drummer Ash incorporating his drag persona and we are here for it! Keep your eyes peeled for them this year and be prepared to have all of your fuzzy Indie needs met by the best dressed drummer in the scene. MG

Greentea Peng // Ghost Town 

Rising star Greentea Peng addresses London’s ongoing battle with gentrification in this track that shares some sonic similarities with The Specials’ track of the same title. MG

Rina Sawayama // XS

There seems to be no stopping Rina Sawayama recently, and XS is just the proof of that we needed. Explained by Rina as “‘a song that mocks capitalism in a sinking world”, Sawayama’s third single off her upcoming debut, Sawayama, is once again an almighty banger. PG

Sheafs // Thinking Out Loud

Dropping the latest slice from their debut EP, Vox Pop, Sheafs have once again turned it back up to eleven as they rip trough ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Having laid waste to London’s The Grace earlier this week and with two sold-out shows in their hometown of Sheffield next week, Sheafs are on a path for domination and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Millie Turner // Jungle

Back with her first single of 2020, Millie Turner has unveiled the pop-fuelled ‘Jungle’. Hitting the road next week supporting Tove Lo across the UK and Europe this first taste of what Turner has set for 2020 has us excited.  PG

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