RIOT’s Release Radar #014

We are sure that you are missing gigs as much as we are. We are longing for the moment that we may endure sweaty crowds that obscure the stage, overpriced drinks and a long queue for the toilets following an encore.

Nobody misses these shows, however, as much as artists. In the age of streaming, live shows are the industry’s lifeblood and it makes the world of difference to buy just an LP or some merch each month… plus you get an LP or some merch out of the deal.

Feel free to find your album inspiration from our reviews page, then just pop over to the artist’s own store and see what they’re selling. Oh, and wash your damn hands – there’s a pandemic going on.

The Magic Gang // Take Back The Track 

With their second album Death Of The Party arriving at the end of the Summer, Brighton’s finest continue to dabble with the sound of New York Art-Rock. MG

Hinds // Just Like Kids

There are few bands who blend fuzzy punk verses with melodic choruses quite like Hinds – this time in less than two-and-a-half-minutes flat! MG

Jockstrap // The City

Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye only get stranger and harder to describe over time, and we are here for it. As with many Jockstrap releases; this song finishes in a completely different dimension than it started in. MG

Sea Girls // Do You Really Wanna Know?

Announcing their long-awaited debut album, a huge Brixton show for November and dropping a new single all on the same day, Sea Girls have continued their near-perfect run with ‘Do You Really Wanna Know’. What can’t we say, we’re ready for more! PG

Glass Animals // Dreamland

Also announcing their new album this week, Glass Animals dropped the title track from Dreamland. The fittingly dreamy track according to singer Dave Bailey is “not a banging single (the next one we’ll drop slaps!) but the words here could be considered a table of contents for the album as a whole”. While not the usual banger, it certainly is an earworm. PG

Moyka // Backwards

Taken from her upcoming EP, Moyka has hit us with the brilliant ‘Backwards’. Written in a hotel room in Berlin, the lyrically dark track is accompanied by a deceptively bubbly synth layer, creating an extremely danceable scandi-pop bop. PG

Whenyoung // The Prayer

Whenyoung have once again captured our hearts with their exceptional piano ballad, ‘The Prayer’. The release comes as part of the band’s efforts to raise money for Women’s Aid U.K. and Ireland, which alongside the track will see the band curate special events on their social media and the sale of a limited edition t-shirt, with all profits going to the charity. PG

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