RIOT’s Release Radar #019

Usually, we like to start off these pieces with a tongue-in-cheek look at the week’s events. This week that doesn’t feel right. On Tuesday we saw our industry come together in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter, but this isn’t just a one day issue. This is a reality that countless people face day to day, not just in the US, but across the world.

So once again we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you, our reader, to take some time out of your schedule and research the issues at hand. You can follow this link for an incredible collection of educational resources, donation links and info on protests in the US. For UK based protests, you can head over to the BLMUK Twitter for all the details you may need.

In the words of Killer Mike, now’s time to plot, plan, mobilize, strategize.

Run The Jewels // Walking In The Snow

On any normal week, this track would serve as a stark reminder of the countless deaths in police custody and the deep divide that still faces us, but in the context of the past few days ‘Walking In The Snow’ has taken a whole new form of symbolism. Echoing the final words of Eric Garner and George Floyd, the track serves as a powerful reminder of the deep inequalities and institutionalised racism black communities face across the world. PG

Lice // Arbiter

Bristol band LICE have spent the last few years collecting nods from just about every voice in alternative rock. New single. MG

Westerman // Confirmation

West London’s finest has released his full length debut, Your Hero Is Not Dead. Definitely worth checking out this week. MG

Samantha Crain // Pastime

Samantha will be releasing A Small Death LP this year, via Lucy Rose’s new record label. Check out Pastime’s self-directed video, which pays tribute to Crain’s Oklahoma hometown. MG

Marsicans // These Days

A euphoric belter by the four-piece, ‘These Days’ is packed full of massive hooks and choruses which belong on a stage, and we just can’t wait to hear it live. PG

The Streets ft. Donae’o & Greentea Peng // I Wish You Loved Me As Much As You Loved Him

There is no end to Mike Skinner’s industry hookups and in Greentea Peng, The Streets have grabbed one of London’s most exciting RnB voices. MG

NZCA Lines // Prisoner of Love

Fronted by Metronomy’s Michael Lovell, NCZA Lines release new album Pure Luxury in July. Fusing Metronomy’s sound with Electro Funk, we are excited for this one. MG

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