RIOT’s Release Radar: #20

Chaos on the streets, as large groups of sunburnt men fill Parliament Square, saluting like nazis and chanting facist slogans to show their love of Winston Churchill. How’s that for irony?

Fontaines D.C. // I Don’t Belong

Sharing the opening song from their upcoming album, A Hero’s Death, Fontaines DC have dropped a brooding track in the form of ‘I Don’t Belong’. The dark, almost Joy Division-esque track won’t bring much sunshine to your weekend, but it is undeniably another great song to add to the band’s catalogue. PG

Moyka // Kanazawa

Returning with a huge, dancehall ready, banger in the form of  ‘Kanazawa (Maybe We Don’t Have To Go There)’ sophomore EP – Spaces – this week. Filled with heavily synth-pop laden tracks this second taste of Moyka has been on repeat for us this week, and rightfully so. PG

Twin Peaks // What’s The Matter

Announcing their new EP, Side A, set for release on July 3rd, Twin Peaks have slipped us the first track from it to get us excited. Recorded at the start of the year, just before quarantine set in, Side A will be made up of four tracks originally destined for the band’s next album, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. PG

Fur // Grow Up

Fur have matched a great single with one of the better lockdown music videos, using archive home footage of the band. The Coral’s James Skelly features on production duties. MG

Drug Store Romeos // Quotations for Locations

Drug Store Romeos have picked up a respectable fanbase, with very few tracks. With a charming, minimalist approach in new single ‘Quotations for Locations’, the band are sure to keep collecting admirers. MG

Arlo Parks // Creep

We’re not usually in the business of covering covers here, yet Arlo Parks made us stop in our tracks this week as she shared her cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Recorded for short film Shy Radicals, a satirical manifesto which calls for all shy, quiet, and introverted people to unify and overthrow extrovert-supremacy. In keeping with the films theme, Arlo’s take is a more subdued, piano-driven reimagination of the track, and it is absolutely stunning. PG


Team Picture // Flower Pots, Electric Beds

Leeds outfit Team Picture have released new album, The Menace Of Mechanical Music. Modern Fuzz pop meets hints of Annie Lennox throughout the LP. MG

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