RIOT’s Tracks of the Week #001

We here at RIOT are firmly of the belief that no music news is, in fact, very, very bad news indeed. Considering the multitude of artists and tracks kicking about, we thought it might be nice to notify you of some of our favourites as they come out. These are RIOT’s Tracks of the Week.

Yonaka // ‘Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’

This week saw Brighton quartet Yonaka share their first ever music video. Accompanying the band’s latest single, ’Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’, the video comes ahead of a slew of festival slots over the summer, which, judging by this track, their gnarled, pounding riffs will leave a scorching mark on the festival stages.

Wolf Alice // ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’

Unveiling their second single for their sophomore album, Visions Of A Life, the indie-heroes Wolf Alice delivered a whole new sound with latest single. Featuring a dreamy, summer drive soundtrack feel to it, ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ sets a whole different scene to last months single ‘Yuck Foo’. With their album pegged for release later this year, and an extensive US tour currently on the go, we can’t wait to hear what else Wolf Alice have in stock for us.

Rhye // ‘Please’

Releasing not one, but two different tracks on the same day, R&B duo Rhye’s ‘Please’ took us to a whole new dimension. Featuring frontman Milosh’s signature soft spoken lyrics with a swirling piano riff ‘Please’ is the perfect soundtrack to a summer’s evening.  With a series of European and Asian festival dates we’re sure there’ll be more from Rhye soon.

INHEAVEN // ‘World on Fire’

Delivering the latest track of their self titled debut, INHEAVEN, have once again smashed it out of the ball park with ‘World On Fire’. Featuring kickass riffs and ear-worm inducing lyrics, this is set to be one of the band’s catchiest – if not most important – songs yet, with Chloe Little proclaiming “My body’s mine you have no say on any choice I make today”. Gearing up for the release of their debut at the end of the summer, INHEAVEN’s ‘World on Fire’ sets a serious mark for the band’s creation.

Dua Lipa // New Rules

Coming as the seventh single from Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut, ‘New Rules’ is possibly one of the singer’s catchiest yet. Accompanied by a video that sees Lipa walk on water, and make her way through a pastel-tinted Miami hotel, ‘New Rules’ will find itself bouncing across your brain. With a critically acclaimed album and Glastonbury set under her belt, Dua Lipa is set for stardom.

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