Sat-Nav Sing-Off With: Doll Skin

Having made their way across Europe, Arizona’s own Doll Skin arrived in London for a one-off show at Islington’s Thousand Island. Abducting the band from their soundcheck, we stuffed them into the back of our car as we took them for a musical sightseeing tour across North London.

Battling snow, traffic and the infamous Islington one-way system we chatted to Sydney, Megan, Nicole and Alex about the final Warped Tour lineup, their future music and Nazis (yeah, you heard us correctly) all while singing songs from the band’s latest album Manic Pixie Dream Girl. so Sit down, grab your headphones and enjoy our Sat-Nav Sing-Off with Doll Skin. 

See our pictures from Doll Skin’s debut UK show here.

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Chloe Spinks

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