Single Review: 30000 Megatons // Pond

As their new album The Weather edges towards its release on May 5th, Australian psych-rock four piece Pond have unleashed ‘30000 Megatons’ –  a single that embeds itself deep in thought and criticism of the world at large. Taking obvious inspiration from prog-rock and space-rock, the Aussies’ latest single is immersive, experimental, and spiralling.

Starting off almost creepily with distorted synthesisers, ‘30000 Megatons’ begins uneasily, and the continuous synthesisers bring a hypnotic aspect to the bleakness of the global topic set by the lyrics. Accompanied by a music video flashing images of riots, protests, and war, Pond have dived heard first into a politically charged odyssey. With vocal distortion making the track sound more and more automated and robotic, ‘30000 Megatons’ is freakish to say the least.

If ‘30000 Megatons’ and previous single ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’ are anything to go by, Pond might just win the award for most off-kilter record of 2017 with The Weather.

Pond‘s upcoming album The Weather is available to pre-order here.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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