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Lifestyle, in the run-up to their new mixtape ‘Calm FM’, have dropped Always More, an enticing release that acts as a litmus test for their future sound. Always More begins with an intoxicating combination of an ebbing synthesizer and compelling guitar loop, before luscious reverberating and echoing guitars add another layer to the South London duo’s debut single. Lacking comprehensive vocals, the track provides a lo-fidelity soundscape of musical lucidity, whilst an essence of ambiguity keeps the vocal department afloat.

Spanning over 4 minutes, the drum-tracking provided by Lifestyle remains a constant, with rarely any fluctuation whilst the layer-upon-layer of drifting ambience project a luxuriating ethos adopted by the two-piece, Luke Brennan and Lewis Rainsbury. With a sound fit for hazy summer days, Lifestyle are ones to keep on your radar as they continue to stir up the South London scene with their isolated eccentricity.

Keep an eye out for more Lifestyle releases here.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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