Single Review: Blood Under My Belt // The Drums

After a three year wait, The Drums have finally broken their silence.

Following on from news that they have signed to Anti Records, the band have also announced their fourth studio album – Abysmal Thoughts – and a new single to whet our appetite for it.

Blood Under My Belt is a tantalising taste of The Drums making a welcome return to their signature lazy surf-rock, that made them so popular at the beginning of the decade. Frontman Jonny Pierce has gone full Kevin Parker here – mimicking the Tame Impala messiah’s approach to Currents – in writing each song and recording every instrument for Abysmal Thoughts entirely by himself.

Specifically, the track itself captures the quintessential essence of The Drums – with sensitive vocals contrasted with trademark poppy riffs and an upbeat tempo: a perfect number to bring in springtime.

Abysmal Thoughts will be released on June 16th through Anti Records.

Words by Jonno Mack

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