Single Review: Cash // Soulohlove

Set to cause a stir in 2017, London-based singer Soulohlove has dropped her latest single, Cash. A track accompanied by a deep R’n’B-styled bassline throughout, Cash systematically hosts fragmented yet melodic snippets not too dissimilar to a retro video game, hosting a whole new layer to Souhohlove’s latest offering. With an element of real metropolitanism to it, the slow grooves in Cash guide the track through a smooth 2 minutes, providing a somewhat soundscape, by which you’re fully immersed.

Cash is a track which reaches out from the grounds of Soulohlove’s previous single, Dreamland, with a much more lax set up defined by the raw and effortless vocals taking centre stage. Soulohlove’s taste for authenticity and variety make for a much needed breath of fresh air, and really only leaves us wondering what’s to come next.

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Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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