Single Review: Cling // Brooders

After their ferocious debut single Haze was unleashed, Leeds-based trio Brooders have hit back with a second offering in the form of Cling. Honing in on their neo-grunge sound tinged with psychedelia, Cling is a track that’s a little bit slower, though packs just as much punch as their previous single.

Beginning with nasally and malicious vocals from lead singer and guitarist Adam Bairstow, the track is laced with a sinister lead guitar, unveiling a gritty sound reminiscent of a dingy 90s band. Cling begins as it means to go on – vicious and biting.

Led through its 3-minute length by rib-rattling drums, Cling builds and builds with a bridge chucked in that makes for a colossal finish. With Brooders’ already mammoth sound, Cling does nothing less than cement the trio as one of the most exciting acts set to reach out from the underground in 2016.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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