Single Review: Don’t Leave // Snakehips feat MØ

Both Snakehips and MØ enjoyed a successful 2016, with their stock continuing to grow in the couple of years since they both respectively became active. In Don’t Leave, the British producing duo join forces with the Danish electropop princess to bring in the new year with style.

Accompanied by a simplistic and understated lyric video, MØ’s impassioned vocals – against the backdrop of Snakehips’ steady and deliberate beat – cast a solemnly poignant light on the notion of an impending relationship breakdown.

A real highlight is the contemplative lull prior to the chorus – after a pained and almost resigned “Cause I know that you’ve been thinking ’bout it” – being sharply broken by a pleading to “Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe”. Although the subject is an already well trodden path in the industry, MØ’s emotive and raw delivery here refreshingly resonates with the listener – and not just in the presence of any contextually obvious reasons.

While heartbreak songs can sometimes all too easily be dismissed as crass or cliche, here, Snakehips and MØ dissect the mistakes and doubts that are simply a part of human nature.

Words by Jonno Mack

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Jonno Mack

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