Single Review: Double Dutch // Superfood

If you’ve been sat at home wondering where the hell Superfood have been for the last three years, rest assured you were not the only one. Releasing their self-titled debut album way back in 2014, the band seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, until reappearing in early December with performances at Bands 4 Refugees alongside their pals Swim Deep, Wolf Alice, and Bloody Knees among others.

Returning with a more synthetic sound, ‘Double Dutch’ incorporates a series of voice clips throughout, contributing to a strangely documentary-style feel to the track, and seeming to move away from the bands previous solid indie sound. However, it’s not long before their traditional laid back vocals and silky guitar riffs sneak in. Demonstrating a slightly different, but nevertheless intriguing approach, it will be interesting to see how deeply this new sound prevails in their (hopefully) incoming second album.

Words by Kate Eldridge

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Kate Eldridge

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