Single Review: Education Destruction // BLXPLTN

Austin-based in-your-face punk rockers, BLXPLTN, have released their new single ‘Education Destruction’ – the first to be taken from their upcoming third album. A rip-roaring nod to the corrupted education system in the USA, vocalist TaSzlin Muerte barks lyrics playing on the themes of social justice over the top of a pounding bassline. The song is met by a destructive chorus amalgamating all the instruments at a breakneck speed.

Taking a stern look at themes of class inequality, ‘Education Destruction’ is a wave of anger and hostility towards the system. BLXPLTN are leading a Death Grips influenced shift through their synergic combination of blaring vocals, abusive drums, and an overdriven bass. BLXPLTN are shouting back at the powers that be, and doing so by projecting the force of unheard perspectives.

BLXPLTN can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and via their website.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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