Single Review: ‘Fly Out To Alaska’ // Bears In Trees

Bears In Trees feel like it should have never been, but somehow became against the odds and ended up landing into the weird indie sad boy scene. Obviously, there’s a space for them, with around 15 thousand listens a month, but to me, they have always come across as peculiar.

I think that “raw” has always been the first word I have used to describe Bears In Trees. In ‘Come Out To Alaska’, the relationship between the lead vocal and harmony are weirdly discordant and conflicting, but they are distinctly Bears In Trees, and anything different wouldn’t be so distinctly them. Considering the last time I heard them they were talking about the nice weather they were having (as long as you like downpour) it has been a considerable musical improvement. In my mind they seem to be finding their feet, and may even be on their feet already (and running!).

It was at this point in the review that my flatmate entered to ask me why I was listening to Sims Music. In my opinion, the strongest part of the song is the “sims music” section, the chanting in Viennese.

The song feels like a holiday, like walking through cobbled streets where the air is fresh but the sun is bright. The song just really fits. Bears In Trees are currently working on an EP, scheduled for spring 2019. You can find them on twitter @bears_in_trees

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Chloe Spinks

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