Single Review: Formidable // The Big Moon

The Big Moon, continuing with their grinning, mad-cap jaunt to the forefront of our hearts and minds, released a new single over the weekend. Formidable features a title track which was actually released way back in that distant past of 2016, only this time there’s a shiny new number to go with it. While Formidable paints a soulful and rather heartwarming picture with its classically Big Moon pep and ear-worm of a chorus, Hold This is more angst-ridden.

The bassline broods, and the chords jar until the screeching guitar takes over to implore an emphatic, hair-waving head-bang from all its listeners. Its slower tempo, and tongue-in-cheek aggression makes it the stand-out of the two tracks, and makes this single just another step on the road to a debut album we couldn’t be more excited about. Keep ’em coming girls!

Words by Ben Kitto

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Ben Kitto

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