Single Review: All My Friends // Get Inuit

Some people find joy in looking on the bright side of life. They put the most positive spin on things they can, and see the value in the things and people around them to the very best of their ability. Get Inuit, on the other hand, appreciate the value of basking in bitterness and spitting venomous irony at the whole world – a sentiment that latest release All Amy Friends revels in.

On the track’s irony-laden lyrics, Jamie Glass reveals “I wrote it as a sort of anti-enjoyment song… I wanted lyrics that would alienate people…”.

The rambunctious guitar lick, coupled with anthemic, harmonious choruses and lyrics drenched in black, razor-sharp wit make this one a blood pumping, heart pounding ode to eccentricity. The band’s feelings towards the normality of their ‘dead’ friends’ lives are made clear, and Glass’ lament that ‘I don’t want to be my parents’ makes sure that the importance of a rebellious spirit is sufficiently emphasised.

Get Inuit play Dingwalls, London on 25 May, and while that may sound like a practically unbearable wait, we’re hoping the new track, and the excitement of nabbing your tickets, here, will make the time pass a little faster.

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