Single Review: Higher // Mondo Cozmo

One of LA’s rising talents, Mondo Cozmo, has released his most infectious and dance-based single to date. Laced in tribal drums, Higher is an unorthodox take on the strains, efforts, and rewards of relationships, all led by a groovy bass-line and Cozmo’s raspy vocals. Ascending into a booming chorus led by falsettos, and a bridge focused on drums which, quite frankly sound like a helicopter, Higher reeks of confidence and experimentation.

Taking a step away from the acoustic calmness of previous single Shine, this fresh release is a great indicator of the diversity Mondo Cozmo has to offer; and with a debut album being recorded right now, 2017 is looking like a step in the right direction for the songwriter.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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