Single Review: The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home // Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna is fast gaining a reputation for having a maturity beyond his short eighteen years in this world, both as a young man and an artist. Following on from addressing numerous important issues in recent releases Paracetamol, Bethlehem and Isombard, The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home is another McKenna masterclass in speaking his mind eloquently and inspiringly.

Inspired in part by McKenna being in Paris at the time of the recent terrorist attacks and experiencing first-hand “the powerlessness of a young person in today’s world, experiencing the shock and the terror, and helplessly watching those in positions of power cause so much uncertainty for the future,” McKenna said the following about The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home:

“The video is about highlighting the genuine concerns of young people, and so in that light, it’s not all about convicting acting performances, but merely letting them talk. It’s something the human race has shied away from doing to its young people throughout history.”

The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home will feature on McKenna’s as-yet-untitled debut album, due for release this Spring through Columbia Records.

Words by Jonno Mack

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