Single Review: Paint Me Silver // Pond

Nothing less than manically celestial, the Australian proto-weirdos Pond have dropped Paint Me Silver, the latest single in the run up to their new album ‘The Weather’, due for release on Friday 5th May. Pond are quite literally defined by their technicolour madness; whether it be the antiquated footage of previous single 30,000 Megatons, or their outright trippy video for Man It Feels Like Space Again – the music video to accompany Paint Me Silver is no different, featuring an intergalactic dance-party, with aliens dancing in unison, completely blasé to the impending nuclear wear threat.

Paint Me Silver hosts some pretty insanely traversing synthesisers, over the top of insouciant and extra-terrestrial vocals, and is equitable to the mythical state of its accompanying video. With falsetto vocals at the forefront, and its fingers firmly in the proverbial electronica pie, Paint Me Silver is a perfect pop song, and a testament to what to expect from Pond’s upcoming album … which is the unexpected.

You can pre-order a copy of the heavily anticipated new album ‘The Weather’, here, and check out all the latest Pond news over on their website.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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