Single Review: Pure Comedy // Father John Misty

There he is, Josh Tillman, or shall we say Father John Misty, back with the announcement of an album, and a splendid new track. A total treat. FJM’s fresh single ‘Pure Comedy’ has been paired up with the release of Tillman’s 3rd album, aptly named Pure Comedy, under the Father John Misty pseudonym, and a 30 minute film so you can get your complete FJM fix (watch the film here).

Returning from the success of I Love You, HoneybearFather John Misty has swooped us right off our feet with this latest single. A 6-minute long ambitious crooner, ‘Pure Comedy’ is stripped back; comprised of a muffled piano, with clear & crisp vocals from the ex-Fleet Foxes man. Accompanied by minuscule video game sound effects throughout, FJM‘s latest offering is both a nod to his ballad-ridden debut Fear Fun, and the modernity seen on I Love You, Honeybear.

Perfectly able to write songs that are actually laugh out loud ‘Pure Comedy’ (excuse the pun), with lyrics about iron deficiency & parenthood, yet simultaneously able to pull at the heartstrings singing about how we’re “Just random matter suspended in the dark / I hate to say it, but each other is all we’ve got” is a skill that Father John Misty makes his signature move. Matured like a fine wine, ‘Pure Comedy’ is a great indicator to the breadth of Misty’s musicianship.

Pre-order your copy of Pure Comedy, pegged for release on 7th April, as a rather fancy interactive (!) deluxe vinyl, or in the plain old CD/MP3 format here.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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