Single Review: Watchers // Meilyr Jones

Taking the title as most underrated male solo artist from the non-existent RIOT awards, and the contrasting tangible Welsh Music Prize in 2016, Meilyr Jones has a knack for atmospheric, uplifting and innovative tracks, but not falling into the run-of-the-mill style that’s oh-so-prevalent at the moment.

In the midst of a UK tour, a brand new single comes in the form of Watchers, a 6-minute orchestral wonderment that Meilyr Jones says was inspired by the idea of a man “who keeps looking at the sea in the half-light hoping to see the love he has lost return”. Incorporating sombre timpani runs, and spiralling string pieces, the Welshman overlays his smart and smooth vocals.

Later bringing in the naturistic sound of birds chirping and woodwind ditties, Watchers holds itself up as quite a spectacular composition. Even more spectacular is how Meilyr Jones incorporates a 30 person strong orchestra, and manages to overshadow the collection of instruments with his gently decorous vocals. Really, we can’t wait to see the Welsh singer to release more masterpieces alongside debut album ‘2013’, ironically released in 2016.

Meilyr Jones has a run of UK dates you can stroll on down to in March, with tickets available here.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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