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bdrmm March 2020 – Sam Joyce 04

Riot Introducing #010: Bdrmm

Bdrmm (or Bedroom) create fuzzy shoegaze from Hull. We caught their winter show at The Victoria in Dalston and can't recommend it enough - a reverb-heavy experience that verges on transcendental.. Def…

Shadi G

RIOT Introducing #008: Shady G

Swedish songwriter, producer and singer Shadi G is set to become the face of contemporary R&B with her varied influences, soulful voice and unique blend of sounds. With roots in Persian music and …

Nia Wyn

Nia Wyn – Introducing #001

Nia Wyn hails from North Wales, and writes Soul-infused Pop tracks that document both the introspective world and the environment she sees around her. Nia's recent EP, Love I Can't Ruin, covers eve…