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HYYTS - The Low Sound - Artwork

Riot Introducing #006: HYYTS

Glaswegian Electro-pop duo HYYTS have just signed to Warner Records and are kicking off what’s set to be a breakout year for them with anthemic new single 'The Low Sound'. Adam and Sam Hunter are b…

magic gang press shot

RIOT’s Release Radar #014

We are sure that you are missing gigs as much as we are. We are longing for the moment that we may endure sweaty crowds that obscure the stage, overpriced drinks and a long queue for the toilets follo…

Girl In Red Midnight Love by @ihatefabian

RIOT’s Release Radar #012

I don't know about you, but our lockdown optimism is dwindling. Gone are the aspirations of reading a book per day, or writing that concept album from your bedroom. We can, however, make some baby …