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disjointed yak

YAK’s new single Bellyache

Alas, Salvation again folks! YAK have come back to replenish their arsenal, and this time they’ve swivelled away from their fuzzy and scuzzy debut. Bellayche moves the band into an über impressive…


Premiere: Red Paranoia // Yossarian

It's worth noting when a band is compared in sound to the likes of The National and Arcade Fire. It's even more notable when that band has under their belt a healthy catalogue of tracks across two suc…

Lily Moore - Press Shot March 2018

Single Review: ‘17’ // Lily Moore

The second track from Lily Moore’s upcoming EP is upbeat and funky, a pleasant contrast to her first song, ‘Not That Special’. The debut single was sensitive and mellow, so Moore has decided to take a…