The 1975 Drop ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America’

The 1975 drop new track featuring Phoebe Bridgers

English indie-rock icons The 1975 bring acoustic melodies and soft harmonizing in collaboration with emo-rock favourite Phoebe Bridgers in their new song, ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.’

Guitar strumming with a hint of country twang opens the song, before being joined by muted brass and quiet drums join in, giving the track more depth. Thirty seconds in, the band’s lead singer Matt Healy sings in yearning tone, “I’m in love with Jesus Christ, he’s so nice / I’m in love I’ll say it twice / I’m in love.”

The song doesn’t have a typical 1975-esque sound that fans are familiar with. Gone are the synth-pop vocals, dance-worthy beats, big choruses, and electric anthems. But the band has a history of experimenting with their sound. From creating an emo-scream political anthem about climate change with activist Greta Thunberg in ‘People’ to county ballad ‘The Birthday Party,’ The 1975 are keeping fans guessing on what sort of sounds to expect on their upcoming album, Notes On a Conditional Form. The 1975 are hard to pin down, which is why a full-on indie-country ballad doesn’t come as surprise.

For fans of The 1975 and Bridgers (who will be supporting the band on their upcoming tour once the dates are rescheduled), it’s the perfect track and a beautiful blend of the two artists’ styles. It’s striped back with hushed vocals, and acts as a cozy blanket during these uncertain times. The harmonizing of Bridgers’ and Healy’s vocals are like a hearty bowl of soup: perfectly comforting and good for the soul.

The song is vulnerable, heartfelt, and a hauntingly stunning duet. There’s a hint of Bon Iver, giving it a minimalistic but still powerful tone. The harmonizing is magical and chilling, as Healy and Bridgers join together on the chorus to sing, “Fortunately I believe, lucky me / I’m searching for planes in the sea, that’s irony / Soil just needs water to be, and a seed / So if we turn into a tree, can I be the leaves?” Like how wine ages over time, the song gets better with every listen.

The latest track will appear on The 1975’s forthcoming 22-track album, Notes On a Conditional Form, out 22 May via Dirty Hit.

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