Kathleen Hanna, The Tuts and more team up to raise money for Solidarity Not Silence

Aiming to raise money for Solidarity Not Silence defendants, musicians from across the DIY Punk scene have joined together for ‘This Is Sisterhood’

Featuring The Tuts, Petrol Girls, Kathleen Hanna and a whole swathe of musicians from across the punk scene, ‘This Is Sisterhood’ is aiming to raise funds and bring new awareness to the Solidarity Not Silence group.

Recorded back in 2019, the track details the compelling story of their legal battle, and was released earlier this week to bring newfound attention to the group’s legal struggle.

The group of women, including Nadia Javed of The Tuts and Ren Aldridge of Petrol Girls, are facing a libel claim after each of them spoke up about their accuser’s alleged abuse of women.

With the legal fight having stretched over four years, the group is desperately trying to raise funds to maintain their legal representation. With the results of this case potentially setting a precedent for future #metoo cases, the legal defence of this group has never been more vital.

Speaking on their crowdfunting page the group wrote: “[We] do not want our case to set a precedent for silencing marginalized voices in the music industry and beyond. We need to keep fighting even though we do not have the same power, fame or financial backing as A, as we do not believe that money should be a barrier to accessing justice. We refuse to be silenced and we believe we must pursue justice.”

You can support the group by streaming and purchasing the track, picking up some merch, or donating directly to their legal crowdfunder. For more information on the groups appeal head over here.

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