RIOT’s Tracks Of The Week #007

It’s that time of the week again, as our email inboxes finally grind to a halt, and the endless stream of new music finally gives us some form of respite, it’s time for us to sit down and pick our tracks of the week. From Germany, to Vermont, to Manchester we take a quick world tour of music as we delve into our favourite tracks from this week.

Pale Waves // The Tide

Releasing the third track from their upcoming All The Things I Never Said EPPale Waves returned to our ears with the brilliant new ‘The Tide’. Written before their signing to Dirty Hit, ‘The Tide’ is a brilliant pop-infused banger from the Manchester four-piece. With a European tour currently underway, and a UK tour set to kick off at the end of February, Pale Waves are on top form.

Drangsal // Turmbau zu Babel

When Drangsal’s debut landed two years ago, it was little to no surprise the majority was in English. Written and recorded during a time when Drangal (aka. Max Gruber) felt that to be successful he had to sing in English. The two years since this have seen Gruber explore his German roots, with songs like ‘Keine Angst’ and ‘Zur Blauen Stunde’. ‘Turmbau zu Babel’ sees Gruber once again venture into his mother-tongue, one that is set to dominate his second album. Creating, once again, an incredible 80’s tinged track.


The Wombats // Black Flamingo

With a new album out this week, The Wombats kicked the week off by releasing their third and final single ‘Black Flamingo’. Crunching bass and wailing guitars, ‘Black Flamingo’ sees the Liverpool three-piece mix a hint of Glitterbug with an ethereal breakdown, all in all creating a total earworm of a track.

King Tuff // Psycho Star

Having announced his new album, The Other, last week, Kyle Thomas – aka King Tuff– released his second song in over four years. ‘Psyco Star’ sees Thomas return with a cosmic new direction in a song that oozes with confidence and an almighty groove that will get you on your feet.

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