Tyler, The Creator drops ‘Who Dat Boy’ featuring A$AP Rocky

A week ago, Tyler, The Creator posted on his Instagram account for the first time in over half a year, initiating a daily dose of cartoon wasps cryptically counting down towards 16:00 PDT on 29 June. Sure enough, this created quite a buzz from the eccentric Odd Future frontman’s followers, with the big reveal proving to be entirely worth the wait.

Besides a cameo earlier this year on Frank Ocean’s ‘Biking’, alongside the re-hyphened and newly-capitalised JAY-Z, ‘Who Dat Boy’ represents Tyler‘s first new music since his well-received third studio album, Cherry Bomb, in 2015.

The track itself is typical Tyler, with a synthy and melodic, yet unforgiving beat providing an enticing backing to the trademark no-holds-barred delivery. Visually pleasing, the aesthetic prowess of ‘Wolf Haley’ is no secret, but the lucky appearance of well-known plastic surgeon A$AP Rocky is when Tyler raises the bar for his usual music video oddities – we’re talking face transplants here, people – before an equally absurd RnB ending.

Words by Jonno Mack

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