VANT tackle Trump and more in new video

By now, those who know VANT know that they’re an opinionated bunch who aren’t afraid to voice said opinions.

Much of the British punk rock band’s lyricism down the years has directly tackled a number of political issues, with front man Mattie Vant explaining in an interview with DIY; “My concerns are worldwide things. It’s not strictly centred around the UK – it’s wars, global conflict, global warming.”

Vant has also proclaimed to The Indiependent that “I don’t believe in borders, I was born on Planet Earth.” This belief is displayed in Vant’s lyrics for Birth Certificate, with his apparent empathy for the world’s inhabitants both near and far being further emphasised.

Bearing all this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that VANT today released a video tackling the political situation in the USA – and exploring how Trump’s 100 days in office have caused numerous social tensions across the pond.

Words by Jonno Mack

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Jonno Mack

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