CUTTS talk about their latest track and postponed first dances

Brooklyn-based, alternative-pop duo CUTTS – consisting of vocalist Lillian Cutts and producer Peter Bonaventure – veer away from their exploration of the dark side of romance for a moment of sweet love on latest track “All My Life”.

The soft, stripped-back ballad is a love song through and through as it delves into intoxicating allure of romance. This sonic and lyrical departure aligns perfectly with the pure intent behind the track; written by Lillian to serve as the first dance song at her twin sister’s (now-postponed) wedding.

Speaking of the new sound they’ve showcased on the track and how they arrived at it, the duo say, “I would say this was a conscious decision. Typically our songs come about in a pretty organic way, usually we’re drawing from our own frame of mind or personal experience. I guess now that you mention it – maybe we tend to be dark people. But with this one we made a conscious decision that we wanted to write something befitting of a first dance. I think we ended up pulling all of the happier and more wholesome parts of our experiences.

Further, about the evolution of CUTTS in general since their formation in 2017, they add, “When we first formed I think we had a really particular sound in mind. I think as we have progressed we’ve really loosened up on ‘What makes a Cutts track’. Now it’s more about how we feel, and how the music makes us feel as opposed to “does this fit in with our sonic footprint.”

“All My Life” clearly comes from a very personal space. With wistful and introspective undertones, the track laments the experiences and memories (including Lillian’s sister’s wedding) lost to the current global situation through soulful melodies of layered emotion.

Recounting her sister’s reaction to the track, Lillian reminisces, “She was blown away. I honestly think she was a bit scared when I told her we were going to attempt it. I think she was worried it might be too dark or fall into the traditional CUTTS sound a little too much for a happy wedding. But when she and her fiancée heard it they immediately fell in love with it.”

Talking about the experiences and emotions that inspire their music, they say, “We can’t really write about something unless we have both shared the emotion or experience. Whether it’s jealousy, lust, love, loss, we have to both sort of understand where the other is coming from or it doesn’t work. But once we click into that we take a lot of liberties. We tend to sort of take whatever emotion we are trying to convey and build a whole new character out of it. It makes everything more potent. It’s like you’re being consumed by an emotion.”

Following their string of successful releases in 2019, ‘Be Bad,’ ‘Waiting,’ ‘Breathe’ and ‘Honey,’ CUTTS’ newest single is another lesson in writing in music that’s both introspective and relatable. “All My Life” might have its foundation in Lilian’s love for her twin, but the track is expansive and heartfelt in a way that’s far beyond personal – which is why it’s so easy for anyone to listen to the track and find something from their own story in it.

Delving into the message they’d like people to take away from the track, and their music, the duo say, “We never set out with the intention for anyone to feel any particular way. The best thing for us is when a song can mean a million different things to a million different people. We just want whoever is listening to the track to create their own story, their own narrative, and let their personal experience take them on their own journey.”

From the journey they are encouraging listeners to take, to their own journey the duo recall the most memorable moment of their career since 2017. “Probably when we were walking home from one of our local dive bars, Birdy’s and our manager Ricky messaged us and told us to check out the streams on our songs. We looked and it had accrued over 100K streams in a couple of days. That was super crazy for us, it was such a level up from the 1-2k level that we had been at. Ricky really showed us that day what was possible. His belief in us has been so reassuring and powerful.”

With a career they describe with the words “Up, Down, and Drunk,” CUTTS are constantly evolving; honing their craft to deliver poignant and authentic soundscapes that touch all corners of your heart.

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