We spoke to Zoë Moss about her forthcoming EP and being an “odd creative”

Singer-songwriter Zoë Moss has dropped new electro-pop single ‘The Jackal’, the third track to be taken from her forthcoming debut solo project Stories. Blooming from an “odd creative” to an exceptional talent, Moss’ cathartic, symbolic music speaks clearly of deep passion and genuine connection.

Speaking to Riot, the rising star delves into what we can expect from her new EP, Stories, her earliest memory of falling in love with music, where she draws inspiration from and much more.

What can you tell us about the single ‘The Jackal’?

The Jackal is a song about closure. I wrote it over a year ago about a relationship that ended without any. I had a lot of sleepless nights thinking about ‘what ifs’, so I finally decided to write everything I wanted to say to this person into this song. The Jackal essentially became a therapeutic ode to that connection.

What can we expect from forthcoming EP Stories? What was the process of writing it?

From Stories, you can expect intimate glimpses of my life and the lives of others around me. There’s something so magical about living in Brooklyn and making music.. Stories encompasses that.

The writing process for me was very quick, with much tequila involved, and because I only worked with one producer, very fluid. I’m continuing to write new music, experiment, and go deeper within the sounds that I want to use. I think Stories was the catalyst to me finding the confidence to release music as an artist.

If listeners could take away one message from your music what would you want it to be?

Honesty. I want people to listen to the music and feel connected to how real the lyrics are. That’s who I am as a person, and I feel extremely passionate about that. I think in this world a lot of people are painting illusions, and if we all took a moment to be more honest with ourselves and others, things would look very differently.

How much do you draw from your personal experiences and how much of your song writing is based on creative liberties?

Stories is 100% personal experiences, however the new music I’m writing currently for release is a bit more metaphoric and symbolic. Which I have found can be just as gratifying, if not more.

You described yourself as a “odd creative” kid what were your interests when you were younger? How many of those interests carried over as you grew older?

Well I one hundred percent thought I was a witch in my first 10 years of life. Which honestly hasn’t changed too much haha. I’m a city person, a traveller, but I really love water, and nature in general, that’s something that makes me feel very whole. I also love animals and I love volunteering for a cause. Human rights and the organisations that work to support them are a thing that’s very close to my heart. Fashion is fascinating. To be honest I just love learning new things, and haven’t changed much from childhood. Now I just have more of a support base through friendships and connections that understand and relate.

What was your first memory of loving music? When did it become something you wanted to pursue professionally?

Really wish I had a first memory, that would be so dope. But I don’t. Music was just so ingratiated in my life that it was fluid. A very early on memory though, that comes to mind, is dancing to Paula Cole in my living room with my mum. We loved the 90s female songwriters a la Paula, Sheryl, Jannis, and used to sing along to them daily. I also remember standing in my kitchen and listening to my dad explain who the Talking Heads were.

What are your outlets besides music?

Meditation, dance, art, films, being out in New York with my friends, reading, traveling, volunteering, thinking up new business ideas to start.

Finally, if you could give your future self a message what would it be and why?

I believe in you. Because I think everyone wants to hear that at some point and it would be helpful to hear it from my past self!

Listen to ‘The Jackal’ here


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