YAK’s new single Bellyache

Alas, Salvation again folks! YAK have come back to replenish their arsenal, and this time they’ve swivelled away from their fuzzy and scuzzy debut. Bellayche moves the band into an über impressive field. Bellyache utilises the idiosyncrasies of gritty sounds and punctuating drumming, and experiments with wah-wah lead guitar and falsetto vocals. The song traverses upwards, downwards, upwards, downwards …

Then, just when you think it needs to go somewhere, the trio let you see their svengalism – in storm the bombastic horns that bring the track to its climactic end.

Bellyache is YAK’s battle call. The track comes after struggle, with lead singer Burslem saying “it really felt like the last piece of music we would ever make”. A combative re-invigorating release, it is a gallimaufry cry from the Londoners seeking a way back in.

Words by Jasmin Robinson

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Jasmin Robinson

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